WorldTour Cycling Pool

I don’t actually know how this works, but I’m sure I could figure it out.  So, if there is enough interest with MIT members, I’m volunteering to run a UCI WorldTour Cycling Pool.  I’m guessing it works like an NHL hockey pool, which I was once a part of (also the statistician) back in my Yant Zied (Winkler) days.  Up to date UCI stats are available here.

So, let’s see your interest by leaving comments to this post.  If there are at least five more players, besides yours truly, I will look into setting something up.  For “skin-in-the-game”, I am open to suggestions.  You know, something suitable like making the low point scorer show up at a FOG ride with a three-speed CCM Road King wearing sweats and having a coffee thermos strapped to the rat trap (or was that was me on the first MIT ride seven years ago…).

1 thought on “WorldTour Cycling Pool

  1. I think we should all show up to a FOG ride dressed as described regardless of the outcome of a pool. I’ll wear Yvonne’s ringette helmet and elbow and knee pads.

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