Woodridge ride July 9 moved to 7 am

The Woodridge ride is moved to 7 am for Saturday July 9th. The mornings are warm and the distance is 110 km so it works to ride early.
See you there.

Check out the “Grandpas Can” ride by Arvid Loewen as he is trying to beat the cross Canada record from city hall in Vancouver to city hall in Halifax. http://grandpascan.com/ride/
He left Vancouver July 1st rode thru Calgary early Sunday morning. Took just under 48 hrs for the first 1050 km’s.

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  1. I’m looking at his progress and estimating that he arrives in Winnipeg approx mid-morning on Tuesday. If that’s accurate, I might ride out and pace him back to Richer (if he allows that – I don’t see much commentary about pace riders on his website).

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