Woodridge ride a Classic MIT ride, again

Last Saturday’s ride to Woodridge was a classic MIT ride.  We had a perfect day with very little wind, good (but late) breakfast, a determined MIT rider to get a jump on us and an appreciation for the flight/bite abilities of horseflies.

A small group of 4 riders left at 7 am to ride the 110 km round trip to Woodridge.  On the way out we stopped in Marshand to water up and enjoy the morning weather before getting to the hills (yes we get excited about riding a hill even small ones).  After the climbs riders noticed that way up ahead another bike rider was heading in the same direction.  Discussion was if it were in fact a rider or a sign post or a suggestion it was 2 riders, but it is clear that some riders have better vision than others.  After a number of curves a rider was up ahead, then like all riders do it was single file and work as a unit to catch the rider.  We found Jimmy two-sacks riding his fatbike having come cross-country to meet or beat us to Woodridge.

Arriving in Woodridge at 9 am we found all three grills closed so we made a decision to return to Marshand for breakfast, making it 90 km before a breakfast stop.  Arriving in Marshand we all ordered a big man breakfast including huge amounts of coffee, eggs, bacon and hashbrowns.

The horseflies where numerous and full of flight as they flew in our draft and taking liberties with skin where they could find it.  We tried to stop at one point to water up but the horseflies and heat encouraged us to keep going.  While the sun was hot with no clouds in the sky the horseflies provided some shade as they swarmed our group.  It didn’t matter how fast we rode they kept up, I swear that they would fly backwards out front just to mock us.

Breakfast discussions included coming close to solving the Middle East Crisis, hearing about Jim’s new home in BC and a table saw that doesn’t cut off fingers and who would volunteer what body part to test the saw.

Horsefly bites, a late breakfast, outstanding weather to ride a bike, the privilege to get pulled along by Merle and riding a real hill…simply put it was another great ride.

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