Woodridge Ride

In his imminent wisdom, Jac overruled the MIT Parliament and decided not to change the date of the Woodridge Ride. Fearing retribution from our Glorious, but absent, Leader, we (Rod, Alex, Patrick, Remy and Merle) made the decision to follow through with the event scheduled and make haste for the Quad Mecca of Woodridge. If memory serves me correctly, many of our Woodridge rides have involved little wind on the way out and a strong north headwind for the return trip. Saturday was as good a day for this ride as you will ever find in SE MB with clear skies, a mid 20’s temp. and virtually no wind. Going by Rod’s computer we averaged a stout 34 km/hr.

The Woodridge Restaurant is back up and running and served a great breakfast. If there was any doubt that a “gang” of old, out of shape, but tough looking Hells Angels lookalikes hold more sway in the minds of the public than a “squad” of younger, muscular, athletic lycra clad racer boys, these doubts were settled in the restaurant. Good looks and Lycra are no guarantee of quick service when matched up against the intimidating appearance of chains, tatoos and leather. Whining also does not necessarily improve the order in which you will be served as Remy found out. It is great to see the restaurant back in business and it is definitely worthy of MIT support.

Where are we riding next week Jac? How about changing the ride to La Tour des Dorf de Franconites? This would take us from Steinbach through La Broquerie to Richer and Ste. Anne (for breakfast) before continuing on to Landmark, New Bothwell, Mitchell and Steinbach. This would be about the same length as the Woodridge Ride; something to put a little steel into the legs.