Woodridge Inn; many fond memories for MIT

As RJ posted a comment earlier the Woodridge Inn has burnt to the ground.  The fire started early this morning, December 13.

Breakfast in Woodridge has been a focus point for the MIT rides.  The 55 km’s to Woodridge are part of our most scenic rides.  The pan-fries, hearty breakfast and usually a visit with the locals has created many memories.  The first time we rode the Woodridge ride in 2004 it was “the ride” for that year.  We had never ridden that far (110 km) before and planned our water and food for the ride weeks in advance.  Now we brush our teeth, shot of power gel and ride without too much worry.

What I will miss is the nostalgia the place offered.  Gone are the pictures on the wall that offered a glimpse into the past.  Ewald Aarhus, my father in-law, was a member of the local morning coffee group until his passing in October of this year.  He would make sure he verbally abused the riders when we showed up.  Because he had a connection to MIT we where accepted with our spandex and funny shoes.  It was always good for a laugh with the locals and often a story as people wondered how we where able to ride bike that distance and be there and back home to Steinbach all in the same morning.

Two fires have made a large impact on our MIT rides, first the forest fire a couple of years ago now the Woodridge Inn.  Hopefully over the next couple of months another place will be available for breakfast so we can begin new memories.

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  1. Well said, Jac. I’ve enjoyed many breakfasts and many burger platters and beer there over the years – either with MIT or after skiing in Sandilands. I’m saddened by this loss. Hopefully someone will rebuild soon.

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