4 thoughts on “Woodridge 110

  1. Ron, it’s supposed to be a warmer (?) day tomorrow. How about a ride tomorrow afternoon?

  2. Perhaps. Gotta be in Church in the am (involved in the service) and right now I feel like crap ’cause I rode to 59 & back into that wind. I’ll give you a call if I’m feeling up to it after Church.

  3. Ron, I was quite impressed by your description of the “Woodridge 110” organized bike ride, especially the mention of the various animals one might see along the way, such as deer, fox, wolves etc.. However you forgot to mention one prominent species that is seen quite frequently during that ride. It belongs to the genus “Ignoramus Canadensis” and is recognized by its distinctive bright red neck. You can often hear this species long before you see it by the roar of the quad upon which it rides. Like the pine beetle, this species has become quite a pest in the Canadian back country, causing untold erosive damage to forest paths and also causing the occasional forest fire.

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