winter ha

…ah the feeling of cold crisp air violating the warm airspace of my lungs causing shortness of breath and wonder of this frozen north country

…I shrug my parka into place so the warm air gets trapped comforting my body as I make my way thru this outstanding winter wonderland

…each day I ponder in amazement of our changing seasons and our ability to adapt within those seasons seeing and taking part in those changes

…then along with the ability to ride bike during some and leaving deep footprints behind in other seasons

…as sharp pains of frost starting to settle on skin open to the cold crisp air causing me to pull my gortex type material closer to my facial features

…com’on old man winter, the blanket of snow only warms my heart and my body as I bend over the snow shovel, working by the light of the glowing Christmas lights

…yes it’s time to reflect on past seasons of rides in warmth, rain and autumn leaves, but now that the cold winds blow and the rollers start to heat up

…only time stands between me and the first spring ride….


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Just a middle-aged man whose blood pressure and cholesterol were out of wack and needed a tuneup, bad. Then I rekindled my love for riding a bike -- just the simple act of turning the cranks. What happened next is I met a lot of neat people who are as nuts as I am. Ride on.