This article was posted on, December 13. Many of us have seen Gary riding along Hwy. 52 between Mitchell and Steinbach.
Steinbach Resident ‘Keeps Things Cool’ By Biking To Work Throughout Winter

Written by Sawyer Klassen on Thursday, 13 December 2012

Just like many residents of the southeast, Gary Snider bikes to work during summer.

However, when the seasons change and snow begins to fall, he continues to bike 11 kilometers to his job in Mitchell. Snider says while he has been biking to work during summer for many years, it wasn’t until three years ago that he decided to stop hanging the bike up in the garage in October and continue on year-round. He says one of the biggest challenges is the wind. Some days he can make it to work in just 25 minutes, while other days it can take him up to 45 minutes. However, he says it isn’t hard to deal with the main challenges of wind and the cold temperatures.

“You can easily take care of cold. It’s a challenge that you just dress appropriately for. In fact, a couple light layers to wick the moisture away from your core, something to break the wind and keeping your hands and feet warm are the key challenges.”

Snider says prospective winter bikers should follow two major guidelines; follow the rules of the road, and get the right equipment.

“Get the right equipment. Key things would be really good lights. Something that’s going to really make you visible and allow you to see conditions on the road. Also wear clothing with reflective strips. Make yourself super visible.”

Snider estimates he has spent a total of around $2000 on his bike and winter gear. However, he explains the routine has easily paid for itself.

“One of the key advantages that I didn’t even think of when I started is that you don’t drive a vehicle. You save on gas, insurance and registration. I figured it’s about $1,600 to $2,000 a year in savings, which quickly pays for the investment in biking, so it’s a win on many levels.”

He notes some of the other major benefits include better physical conditioning and simply feeling happier on a day-to-day basis.

Snider also wrote an article about winter biking HERE.

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  1. I often pass Gary on 52 West as I head towards work in the morning. He does it right. He has great lights and a very visible jacket, even though it’s pitch black at 7:15AM. He’s also fortunate to have that paved shoulder on ride on – the only decent shoulder in the vicinity of Steinbach.

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