who’s (on) first?

I couldn’t let Scarface get away with being the first to ride this year, so I slapped the new chain onto the old CCM that I salvaged from the landfill and rode it around the block.  The tires stayed inflated just long enough to get home again.  Yeah, Harakal probably hammered out 80k or something ridiculous like that today, but a rides a ride and I have witnesses!

9 thoughts on “who’s (on) first?

  1. Way to go RJ. It definately was on my radar for the day and then decided to have a 8 hour date with my lovely life partner Valrae. I wonder who won?! lol Hey, this Saturday is supposed to be 5 deg and partly sunny with Friday also up to 5 degrees. Highways could be quite dry for a real ride. Takers?? Could even do a ride to Birds Hill (in car) and ride (bike) the loops with some hills thrown in for some pre spring excitement. Neil would like the venue! Chatter it up.

  2. I’ve had enough of riding rollers! I could go for a ride Friday or Saturday. I hope to do a ski and ride this week at BHP, but certainly would love to ride with the MIT’ers this weekend. Just say the word (so long as the word doesn’t include a 7:00am start!).

  3. I’m always game for a local group ride (BHP is a bit too much of a time commitment for me—gotta mark exams this weekend). So if you’re meeting at the WT, I’m in.

  4. I was thinking two options

    option 1 leave from la broquerie to richer, reduces riding in traffic on 59 mid day

    option 2 leave from water tower to kleefeld,

    both options leaving from start point at 1 pm

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