Welcome Back, Alex.

Alex Hause, one of our youngest MIT riders, arrived back from Germany last night, and, still jet lagged, joined Merle and Jim for a fast ride to Richer this morning. Alex had been in Germany most of the year, sorting out some problems with his business, but we are pleased to hear that he plans to stay here and join us on our rides.

On another subject, good luck to Werner and Karen, as they embark on a cycling tour from Vancouver to Calgary (1100 km). They are flying out to Vancouver on Friday with their bikes and all their other gear.

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Semi retired, semi literate, a bit reclusive, but enjoy the company of the MIT cyclists-----> a great cross section of personalities, professions, ages, interests. We all share this strange obsession with the elegant, efficient, wonderful little machine called the bicycle.

1 thought on “Welcome Back, Alex.

  1. Welcome back, Alex! And hope Werner and Karen have a great (and safe!) trip.
    I couldn’t drag my butt outta bed to join you guys this morning but I rode on my own a little later….one water bottle full for drinking, one water bottle full for dumping on myself.
    Feelin’ HOT, HOT, HOT!!!

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