Weekly Mountain Bike Rides

( Pat, I took the liberty of posting the information here).

Hi Everyone,
It’s time to get our weekly Mountain Bike rides started. We are going to ride every Monday through the summer. Meet behind the store at 5:30pm. Bring a vehicle if you can, or bring cash for gas. We will be back from these rides by 9pm or earlier (unless we plan something “special”, in which case we will let you know). Feel free to call me at the store on the preceeding Saturdays to see who’s coming or if the weather looks bad for Monday.
These rides will be casual which means no matter what, no one will be left behind even if the pace is too fast for someone. That doesn’t mean we will go slow! It just means we can split the group along the way if needed. We’re all out to have a good ride, promote the sport in our community, and get to know each other better along the way.
If you don’t like group riding come with us one time so you can know where the good trails are in Sandilands. Who knows, you may like group rides after that. 
Make sure to tell your mountain biking friends to come too. The more riders we have the more trails we can build, maintain, and find. You’ll also have more friends to call up for rides whenever or wherever. Email me to let me know of anyone that should be added to this list. Let me know if you do NOT want to be on this list.
I hope to see you all on Monday!
303 Main St.,
Steinbach, MB,
R5G 1Z2
204-320-1709 ph
204-320-1749 fax
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