4 thoughts on “Voeckler or Harakal?

  1. As much as he may look like me, or I like him, I can asure you that I am in Steinbach. Just cycle by the House and witness the very large piles of excavated material that is on my front yard.
    I would much rather be riding!!!

  2. He totally looks like you, Paul (or vice versa if you prefer…) 🙂
    Sorry about the excavating – sucks! Hope it comes along okay.

  3. In the spirit of “old time community”, we should all band together and help Paul finish his project so he can ride with us again. When do we start?

  4. I was sitting in our hotel room in Fergus Falls and watching Voekler work the pedals. The instant I saw him I thought — Harakal. No question about it, Voekler and Harakal are twins or one in the same.

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