vicarious satisfaction

img_0020Since not even talk about me buying another bike is allowed in my house, I have taken to a strategy of vicariously fulfilling my unquenchable desire to purchase all things bicycle…I have bought my daughter this funky Specialized Globe for her 20th birthday.  It’s a cool little city bike equipped with 3 speed shimano nexus, front and rear generator powered lights, rack, fenders, 700 x 38C wheelset and nice 6061 aluminum frame.  All for the “smoke damaged” blowout price at AlterEgo of $299.  Now, about that Kuota Karhma with full carbon frame and DuraAce  for $1,499 from RSCycle  ….

7 thoughts on “vicarious satisfaction

  1. Nice looking bike (this one and the Kuota). Hey, thanks for helping out today at the race, RJ. Check out the race results on our website (just click on shorty) you can see how Jim, Merle, Rod and Tim faired.

  2. Those guys posted great times! I usually take an hour and a half to do the 11KM, never mind a bit over one hour to do 15KM! It was interesting to be posted at the snowmo trail crossing. I never realized how many machines travel that trail, it’s a good idea to have someone there. The skidoo drivers seemed to appreciate it too. Maybe next year I’ll give the 15K a go for myself.
    The Carter boys in the mini-midget and midget race are the sons of Jason Carter, the guy who organized the Latke 200 last summer. He hung out with me at the campfire I had going, while waiting to see his sons ski past. His youngest son is pretty heavily into speed skating. I had no idea Winnipeg had such a vibrant speed skating sport.
    I inadvertently kept my “stop” sign ’cause I put it in my backpack. Who should I give it to?

  3. Hey, that’s right! Never even thought about that since that day. But they did take down all our personal info to mail to France, or somewhere, for a medal didn’t they? Actually, what Jason and I mostly talked about was you and Paul spilling your guts into the ditch! I might need that medal so I can beef up my resume before the Gov’t lays me off…

  4. “Carter” seems to be a name synonymous with athleticism in Manitoba.
    There is Erin Carter (national class cyclist and cross country skier), her brother Murray (arguably the fastest cross country skier in Manitoba and former national class cyclist), and Phil Carter (their dad, I think), who at age 61, is a phenomenal cross country skier (check out his time for the 29.4 km. in the Sandilands race.) I wouldn’t be surprised if they were related to the Jason Carter family.

  5. Phil Carter is an amazing athlete, Jim. I’ve seen him blazing around the trails in the Sandilands many times. No way I could keep up to him (or you for that matter!). Did you check out Jim Ballendine’s time. He’s 70 years old and he did the 14.7km in 1:02:43, only 15 seconds behind Merle. There’s hope for us all!

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