via dolorosa – not


This being Easter weekend I should perhaps be lugging a cross and honoring the via dolorosa (“way of grief”).  However, the last few years, I’ve been more inclined to attend the annual sunrise service at the Grace Mennonite Church, then chow down on a substantial breakfast and then saddle up for the Janzen family gathering in Oakbank.  Let’s call it my way-of-joy (“el camino de la alegría”???).  I have a nice solo 2.5 hour ride, usually with the prevailing wind behind me, and then settle into a few hours with family and some fabulous home cook’n.  Good times.  Just gotta keep alert on the final ride from Dugald into Oakband, it’s Hwy 52E on steriods — heads up all the way in.  Then the good wife drives me home.  You’ve got to love those one-way rides!  Happy Easter all!

2 thoughts on “via dolorosa – not

  1. Ron, you are blessed with a tailwind today, contrary to what the weather forecast indicated: winds from NNW then W. I went for an early morning ride and found the wind was mainly from the south. You must be living a good life !!!

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