Two weeks to Headwaters ride

Picture above is pulled from the Headwaters 100 ride a couple of years back.  If I remember right this is the “fast” group that “raced” the pink boys down the home stretch.  Notice that I am not in the group, likely still back in Nevus eating carmel apples with granola listening to local folk artists.

Hopefully the ride has great weather again and no huge winds like last saturday here.  The Col de Punta Schein ride was interesting as five riders battled the gusting winds.  Breakfast was outstanding along with all the discussions.  We waited for the past tour guide of Health Facilities but he was a no-show for the ride.  We did hear the story of why Mennonites used to call Ste Anne, Punta Schein.  Our own Mennonite Historian Dr. Roy might have to retell the story over breakfast some time.

Discussed was a variety of topics including cycling clothing, why Ryan works in Stonewall and lives in Ste Anne, Main Streets that are in bad shape, the weather, Aub la Dour Hotel, Headwaters ride and Catholic versus Mennonite.  All discussions where calm with no volience or name calling.

The ride average to Ste Anne thru Giroux was 21 km/hr the return down #12 was 46 km/hr.  Sweet!

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  1. Jac, I checked the long range forecast for Park Rapids on Sat., Sept 22—–mainly sunny, high 19 degrees C, moderate winds out of west. The 3 days before look like rainy and cloudy. Hopefully this forecast holds.

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