Two pants?

After listening to Ron and then Curt the other ride I rode my first ride today wearing two pair of spandex.  

Must say 50 km ride went well and my bike seat was cushioned in a positive manner.  Now it is not my place to say that I rode better, but I did think that with the extra padding I was able to be more comfortable. 

I was thinking on the ride, well if two pair pants ride better what would three pair feel like?

6 thoughts on “Two pants?

  1. “Jacy three shorts?” along with Ronny two shorts, Jimmy two sacks and Shorty too short. That’s rich!

  2. Yes! A convert! Two shorts rule! Although, I’m not sure that just because two is good, three is better. Somewhere in the logic the rule of “diminishing marginal returns” will surely assert itself. I will look forward to a little less transparency on those MIT shorts of yours though…

  3. Hmmm, I’m curious about this…might have to give it a shot…does that qualify as “Val Too Much Information”?

  4. Two, Three? Come on people!!!! Less is more! Think of the fredom of simply One pair or better yet None!!!
    Simply, they were not designed to be worn in multiple layers!!!
    Get a good pair and run with it!!
    BTW, It’s way to hot in Miami to ride, rode the other day, it was 35 and humid as heck. Rode 45 kmor so and thought I was going to perish…
    Much more fun sitting on the beach all day!!
    see you all in a couple of weeks!!

  5. I agree Scarface. One has always been enough for me. Try putting 1000 plus k’s/year using a pair of tri shorts (aka minimal padding) and 1 regular pair of shorts seems pretty good. Been in Orlando in July just once before … every day the same … high of 36, humid beyond belief, and rain every day around 5/6pm just for good measure. Enjoy the beach.

  6. 35 and humid…sounds like the perfect reason to kick back on the beach Paul. Hope you’re having a great time! I had a good ride from Steinbach to Walhalla, ND on Saturday (thankfully only 26 C and low humidity). Total of 165KM. My first “international” ride. The Border Guard wanted to now where all my gear was…he thought I was totally cracked when I told him my wife was following in the car a few hours back. We do it because it hurts! Those ND highways were virtually empty, very nice riding territory. I even rode my brother in-laws “Buell” (Harely 1200CC v-twin built like a track racer) helmet free (yeah, yeah, shutup, it was fun…)!

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