tweets from Lance to Alberto

In case you’re not on twitter and don’t follow the steady stream of tweets from Lance…you just gotta read this one (posted two hours ago):

hey pistolero, there is no “i” in “team”. what did i say in March? Lots to learn. Restated.

5 thoughts on “tweets from Lance to Alberto

  1. Did you notice when they were on the podium Lance never once looked at Alberto? No handshakes, no joining together on the top of the podium like past years. Those guys don’t like each other! Should be interesting next year.
    Good thing none of us has big egos – we all get along (of course we’re not winning big money or international races either, although Werner had us riding like we were on Saturday!). I’d still congratulate you though, Ron, even if you did beat me!

  2. I suppose it’s tough to give up the crown after 7 successive wins, but Lance can gain more popularity and support by taking the high road. A third place finish was no defeat in most fans perspective after several years away. He knew Contador was unbeatable, might as well congratulate him and let him have his day, it only results in Lance looking like a class act.

  3. I think Lance was sandbagging all the way. He was in total control, and could have taken the lead at any time. He was very disciplined, and allowed Contador get away in the final stages to take the win. He also controlled the pelaton to protect the yellow jersey. Lance never looked stressed or strained. Next year will be very interesting.

  4. I think that’s an old guy’s perspective, Rob. Wishful thinking. He just didn’t have the legs to beat him. Maybe next year, though.

  5. I think Lance has had his day/years. If Lance had the legs, he would have won the time trials which has been his strongest discipline in the past. He wasn’t even close to Contador in that arena. I mean Schleck had some similiar splits in the last TT to Lance and he is definately not a noted time trialer. Will have to wait and see if Bruhneel and Lance will link up together under the Radio Shack banner (I thought Radio Shack went belly up??) and who they can put together as a team to support Lance. Put Leipheimer and Hincapie together with Lance and we might be “talking”. Was though a great tour and loved to see the Mt. Ventoux again. Next time I get there to the Mt., its with a bike or bust.

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