Twas the nite before a MIT Christmas

T’was the nite before Christmas and all through the pace line
The MIT riders were all thinking, “I can’t hold it this time”
With “Curtis” out leading the MIT crew, his legs turning fast
I knew in my heart, at this pace I won’t last

When up at the front it started to turn, causing a commotion
It seemed riders couldn’t pull thru and it happened in slowmotion
Jimmy slowed down to take a look, and we almost crashed
When we saw the hug pile-a great big old stash

New bikes where scattered Cannondales, Rockies and Quintana-Roo
What was the problem? What do we need to do?
And that’s when we saw him; he looked slightly pale
He looked like he’d bonked but we saw that his reindeer had failed

Delivery might not be made on this night
His deer had all bailed, MIT scared them off in fright
So now he looked to us asking what to do
With a sled full of toys, and new bike stuff too

A wheelset for “Rocketman”, new shoes for Ed
New pedals for the Big Jac, and for “Sprocketman” a big sled
New bike for “Scareface”, and for “Jimmy” too-
And for all of MIT new spandex, Pat even for you!

So as we were looking at the sled full of bike gear
We said in a single voice-hey we have an idea’r
If we hookup our bikes to the front of the sled
We can get this delivered and then go home to bed

He looked up at us and he started to smile
He knew we would try it-at least for one mile
So we tied on the harnesses lined up in pairs
And bundled up warmly-we looked like polar bears

And as we were mounting our faithful steeds
We heard in his voice, of many great deeds
On Scareface, on BigJac, on RJ and Bob
On Merle, on Jimmy, Shorty and Rob

As we sped through the streets the load became lighter
And as we moved forward we dreamed of hot cider
And into the night it seemed like forever
But we kept up the pace; we couldn’t say never

And just when we thought that we couldn’t go on
He gave us some shammy jell, and that made us strong
We finished his route and delivered it all
And when we were finished, snow started to fall

I looked at the MIT riders, my friends on the bikes
We all looked excited, like real little tykes
I looked up and saw faces all covered with glee
They couldn’t believe it-“it didn’t happen to me”

And when I awoke, I thought to myself
It couldn’t have been a fat red suited elf
But I heard a voice, and it wasn’t from fright,
Say “Merry Christmas to all, and to all a Good Night!”

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