Turning thoughts to bikes

No, this isn’t my DIY wooden trainer. (seriously, who would buy a Bianchi that’s not Celeste coloured?)  Pretty sure the lumber wouldn’t stand up to my Cancellara-esque wattage and consequent torque…

Busted out the bike trainer for the first time in 2014. Time to start gearing up the fitness for Spring riding and the potential of April gravel grinders and the inaugural mtb race at Grand Beach. Not to mention the potential of the first MIT ride of the year. We couldn’t possibly have a colder, windier, later Spring than last year…could we? Let’s rather have a repeat of 2012.  Who’s in with a prediction as to the first MIT ride of the Spring…? I’ll guess, somewhat optimistically, April 12th.

2 thoughts on “Turning thoughts to bikes

  1. Might need a stool and a 9 foot ceiling to ride that saddle – looks like that Bianchi is about a foot off the ground! I finally managed a 30 minute spin session, yesterday. That even motivated me to go for a ski at Beaudry Park later in the afternoon. Maybe there is some hope for my lazy bones….

  2. Bike trainers? Spinning? Too hot here on the Caribbean. But I do get in my 20 laps in the pool each morning at 7 am. Home to the cold again shortly with a promise to start spinning again.
    Hopefully posting 2014 rides in next couple of weeks. Great news is that the Woodridge restaurant has opened up again so look for some of those rides again.

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