Trivia question

Out of 1,061 Canadian cyclists presently on Bike Journal, MIT has three in the top 20 group for kilometers logged so far this year (as of today)…pretty impressive for living in a province with about 5 months of decent riding a year!  Who are they (there are actually four if you count one rider who has associated himself with our club on BJ, although I can’t recall ever riding with him)?

3 thoughts on “Trivia question

  1. I think the difference might be in the “filter” that you choose. I always display all types of riding (including indoor spinning, etc). I think the default is just outdoor rides unless you change it in your profile settings. Your profile setting effects how all the stats get filtered. There’s three (or four if you count “juanpavlo”) when I run the list. Rob has racked up about 1,000 KM of spinning that doesn’t show up if you are filtered on “outdoor rides”. I’m interested in comparing total training, not just outdoor rides. To each his own 🙂 .

  2. Indoor trainin cannot compare to outdoor training.
    Take today for example, I expect that those with indoor training suffered just as much as those without.
    In any event, your question did not indicate indoor rides were included.

    And yes, I know, I am being a DINK…


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