Triple Threat(ened)

A friend of a friend, who lives near riding mountain, snapped this amazing picture of three Lynx passing through their yard on Valentines Day, Feb 14th.  We’ll have to keep our eyes peeled for some of these guys to show up in the Sandilands when we ride/ski through!   I’ve seen them so rarely in my lifetime that I’ve assumed they are endangered.  However, it seems that’s only true of the USA population and, in Canada, they can still be legally trapped.  I guess they are just experts at being in “stealth mode” most of the time.

1 thought on “Triple Threat(ened)

  1. I was downhill skiing at Westcastle near Pincher Creek Alberta and a bobcat and her mate ran across the trail in front of us. We were about 20 meters uphill and they stopped and looked at us and ran into the bush.
    It was exctiing to see to see the cats in the wild

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