To early for Fatbike talk?

Well I may have caught the bug and now I want a Fatbike. Buying 20 acres of untamed land out of town makes that somewhat more of a necessity thing than anything but exciting either way. It seems to be one of the hot growth trends in the industry right now and even Norco is now selling Fatbike parts. Sounds like they will sell Fatbikes as soon as 2014 too if this trend continues.

On that note, I just got my dealer application for NRG Enterprises, who are the Canadian distributor for Surly (perhaps the most well known Fatbike brand). So a new Moonlander will be on it’s way to my store asap (I hope), and those of you thinking about Fatbikes will be welcome to test drive it and of course place your orders too. Thought I’d let you all know before you order one somewhere else. Cheers. “Let is snow, let is snow, let it snow…” OK maybe not yet.