Time & Location Change for April 23 ride

Made executive decision and changed the ride time and location for April 23rd ride. Now leaving at 12 noon for Kleefeld loop. We (read me) aren’t ready for the Richer loop yet.
The April 30 ride is to allow the Steinbach riders to participate in the annual Pick up and Walk event before the MIT ride date. We will review ride distance as the date draws nearer.

I have moved the start times for warm? summer rides to 7 am as per conversation during last years rides. Is this still the case or is 8 am the annointed start time?

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4 thoughts on “Time & Location Change for April 23 ride

  1. Good move, Jac.
    Personally, I find 8:00am early enough, in part because of the extra drive to get there, but that’s me. I know Helmut won’t come if the ride is at 7:00am. I might be able to persuade him if it’s at 8:00.

  2. I am also o.k. with 8:00. We can make the longer rides (eg Woodridge) earlier starts if we want once the weather warms.

  3. We should keep 8 am until after July long weekend and then change to 7 am until mid-August or so. Catch all of the daylight, miss some traffic and have summer afternoons. I think we will find this works. Most of the people advocating for later starts are gone for large portion of the summer.


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