Thoughts in the shower…

Hi Roadies,

During the previous week I had occasion to speak about our riding club to a couple of people who had some interest in joining us.  I told them about our rides and invited them to look up the website and take note of start times, riding etiquette rules, and such.  A couple days later one of the individuals told me he looked up the website had found it hard to find (I think the “chatter” keyword search throws people off the trail).  Anyways, during my post-ride shower this am, I had an idea that I thought I would float with you guys.  I was thinking maybe we should have some business cards printed up with our logo and our website on them.  There wouldn’t have to be any individual names or any phone number.  Just the website and maybe a statement like “weekly Saturday morning rides – see website for schedule – all are welcome – helmets mandatory.”   I think this might cost a couple hundred bucks.  So if 10 or more of us shared the cost, it shouldn’t be too onerous.  Just thinking that this might be handy to have in your wallet to hand out to people who are interested in coming out for a ride. Maybe we could add a club slogan, if we had one.   Here’s a few ideas:

– “Friends, Fitness, Food”

– “Ride with us, for the health of it.”

– “Tight clothes, loose morals (o.k., I jest, but you get the idea)”

What do you think?  Let’s post some “chatter”.  Share your own slogan ideas.

9 thoughts on “Thoughts in the shower…

  1. I hope you had more than just your leg warmers on when you posted this, RJ!

  2. I like it, always need to write down the web site when talking to people so at least they find it.
    slogan of the round wheel

    moved Mondays May 18th St Malo ride to 8 am

  3. I forgot to mention this morning at breakfast that you can watch any of the stages of the Giro D’Italia on line at You can watch in full screen if you like. It’s been great being able to watch the full coverage just like they have for the Tour de France. Enjoy!

  4. Ron, I’ll do it for free if you’re interested. We have all the materials (card stock and cutters) at work and i can do it for minimal cost which I will cover.

  5. Oh, I like that last slogan, Ron! 🙂 Hope to drag my sorry butt out to ride on Monday…go easy on me guys!

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