Thoughts after breakfast in Richer…

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving!

It is difficult to save money.  Who knows?  Maybe one day it’ll become valuable again.  – Milton Berle

It’s not by doing the things we like, but by liking the things we do that we can discover life’s blessings.  – Goethe

I was seldom able to see an opportunity until it ceased to be one.  – Mark Twain

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  1. Here is a quote from Margaret Atwood’s book— Payback: Debt and the Shadow Side of Wealth (2008). (She is also the speaker in the Massey Lectures–CBC radio–IDEAS–weeknights 9:00 P.M.)

    “The mills of the gods grind slowly, but they grind exceeding small. Mankind made a bargain as soon as he invented his first technologies, including the bow and arrow. It was then that human beings, instead of limiting their birth rate to keep their population in step with natural resources, decided instead to multiply unchecked and increase the food supply to support this growth by manipulating these resources, inventing ever newer and complex technologies to do so. Now we have the most intricate system of gizmos the world has ever known. Our technological system is the mill that grinds out anything that you wish to order up, but no one knows how to turn it off. The end result of a totally efficient tehnological exploitation of nature would be a lifeless desert: all natural capital will be exhausted, having been ground up in the mills of production, and the resulting debt of mankind to nature will be infinite. But long before then, payback time will come.”

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