Things I Learnt Riding the Muddy Waters and Woodridge Rides

Some things just take time to learn or should I say appreciate like

  • getting enough sleep the night before the ride
  • eating a breakfast so that I am not hungry first thing on the ride
  • hydrating properly, starting 2 days before the ride
  • making an important bathroom break BEFORE we ride
  • taking enough water, gator aid or HEED on the ride so that the electrolytes stay healthy
  • not going out to hard first off then having to suck someones wheel the next 100 km
  • enough glide lube in the right place to prevent saddle sores
  • bringing the right frame of mind so that I can overcome the disappointment of getting dropped
  • eating at least one banana before the ride, somehow that makes a difference for me
  • check the bike the day before the ride to make sure the little things work, including tire wear, chain oiled, wheels tight, brakes adjusted properly and seat at right height
  • that it is OK to stop at rest stops, can’t believe how big a difference that makes on the legs
  • watch the old heart rate monitor, and ride accordingly
  • look for the Body Driven jersey in the peloton, at least someone from our group is up there, even if they don’t know when to turn
  • just plain old enjoy the ride, and what ever happens

I did enjoy the Muddy Waters ride and today’s Woodridge ride, it is a lot of fun riding bike, and riding with others    Thanks guys

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Just a middle-aged man whose blood pressure and cholesterol were out of wack and needed a tuneup, bad. Then I rekindled my love for riding a bike -- just the simple act of turning the cranks. What happened next is I met a lot of neat people who are as nuts as I am. Ride on.

2 thoughts on “Things I Learnt Riding the Muddy Waters and Woodridge Rides

  1. Things I learned on the Muddy waters:
    1- Proper hydration the day before only helped until km 115 when at that point my legs blew up and started cramping so bad I thought I was going to cry.
    2 – Getting dropped at km 115 was only slightly further than when I got dropped last year after a hard night of drinking.
    3 – I finnally figured out that in order to finish with the peloton I need to ride Mad. ( okay, maybe some better diet and training may have something to do with it as well)
    4 – There is always a funny storie to share or tell after that ride, this year it was the fact that Jim rode a very smart ride, right up until the time he was pulling and missed the turn and got lost!!
    Sorry Jim that one is a classic and will be told a million times before it gets old!
    5 – Although we sometimes bicker and fight and argue when we ride, the end result is we generally all meet back at the tower to do it again next week!

  2. My nickname has changed from “Jimmy Two-sacks” to “Wrong-Way Jimmy”. It was a great ride—–all 173 kms. of it.

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