Then there were three…

One last ride on November the 10th.  Not a record, it was a ride of little consquence.  Three riders showed up, just Jim, Paul and Jac made the coffee trip.  The wind howled out of the south, we faced it first down Hespler to the 303.  The trip to the 216 was good to repeat, could smell the coffee at the Kleefeld retreat.  The wind at our back to the Domo we flew at 50 km plus, yew it felt good.  The stories were funny and the laughter loud.  We even discussed the possiblities of our children doing us proud.  The way home at first felt cold, then we warmed up and had it a go. 

It was a good ride what could possibly be the last.  What more can I ask but a bike ride with good friends and a story or two, a cup of coffee and hearty laugh.  Yup going to miss the Saturday rides.   Well maybe just maybe if the forcast is wrong we can get one more ride in, as we have never had a MIT ride past Nov 11th.   Maybe that Fat Lady won’t sing just yet.

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