the season closer

Well, the finale was performed yesterday morning by Jim, Alex and Ron.  A brisk pace to Richer was set in balmy late October weather.  We enjoyed calm wind conditions with just slightly moist pavement.  Our favorite Country Corner waitress (and now great-with-child…will she name it “Jac” ?) served up a good helping of bannock and eggs with the usual bottomless cup of coffee.  Jim and I had a delightful time getting to know a bit more about Alex and his relatives (did you know he grew up right near the Berlin Wall and was 5 years old when it came down?).  Alex informed us that he’s going to Germany for the winter and plans to commute 50K daily riding his fixie (he also mentioned that they are illegal in Germany – will he get busted?).  I guess he’ll be kicking our butts next spring….

So the season ended , just like it began.  Riding, eating, telling stories and riding some more.  Thanks guys, it’s been a slice.

P.S.  What’s your favourite memory from this season?  Post it as a comment.

6 thoughts on “the season closer

  1. Thanks, Ron and Alex, it was a great ride. Even, today (Sunday) there was very little wind, which made for pleasant riding. Maybe I’ll see some of you out on the skinny ski trails when the snow gets deep. Meanwhile, everyone have a great winter!

  2. Park Rapids will of course be a hi-lite this year, but the topper for me will always be associated with the ride to the Back-forty Folk Fest (Morden) with Jim, Andy and Neil. I’ll never forget Neil’s “hammer gel incident”. Hilarious!

  3. Where was that actress from “No, No, No, Yes!” when I needed her – me with Hammer Gel all over my face?

  4. Another fabulous season of riding with MIT done; while it was a challenging year weather wise (at least for wussy, fair weather types like me!), I always love every minute of riding with you guys (even when I’m cursing at those who will remain un-named for suddenly cranking up the pace when they get to the front! :)) I’m not looking forward to trainer in the basement season but if it means keeping up with everyone again next year, then I’ll do it! I imagine there will be a few more days of riding outside this season in my future, hopefully, and maybe some of us will cross paths there.
    Meantime, take care everyone!

  5. Many highlites. Reading through my log I can remember many rides both with MIT, early Sunday mornings with Curt or just by myself. Hi-lites were seeing new riders show up on our rides as they bring new stories. After riding with some other groups on the Headwaters ride, we have a very organized ride that has a flow to it and is much safer than other groups I rode with.
    We only had 3 rain rides this year. Thought it would be more as it was a wet spring. But still cleaned bike just as often as other years. My faourite ride is still Woodridge, long enough to be a challenge but short enough to be home early.
    Curt and myself saw pretty amazing sunrises riding at 6 am Sundays. Along with the wild life that steps out at that time in the morning it makes riding all the better and yea the coffee at Richer, Kleefeld, Woodridge or Deacons is amazing as well.
    Remember the 60 km ride, no not the distance but the wind that turned from the south to the north. Riding the cross wind to Blumenort then coming in at 60 km/hr with it hard on your back.
    yea another good year to ride bike, just might be afew rides left.

  6. Picking a favourite ride on the prairies is no easy task. I would probably say any ride in which the tail wind changed direction at the same time I did. I’ll never rave about any rides in southeast Manitoba, only about my riding companions and the great breakfasts in the little towns around here. One memory I do have though is taking that little road south, between Highway 12 and Sarto (I think). It was the day Ron joined the faith and brought out his new Colnago. At the point where it turned into gravel we all stopped and were met by some guy in a jacked up Ford 4X4. I never did catch his expression as he gave the Mennos in tights the once over, but down deep in his soul he wished he was riding a light carbon steed as well. See you all on the ski trails (even you Jim Nadler, who missed helping with trail prep day).

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