The perfect commute

I’m posting this for Glen because he didn’t have a password to post stuff with yet…

Commute ride on Wed, June 18th

Rode to work on Wednesday:

In the morning, 15 C no wind, beautiful sunrise, good roads and light traffic the whole way.  I recorded a personal best 31.8 k/hr average speed for the 62 km – 1 hr 58 mins.  I was showered and in my office by 7:30 am feeling refreshed and invigorated for the day.  The work day was a hectic as usual with a few extra wrinkles thrown in.  I had a lot on my mind by the time I got on the bike at 5 pm.  I started off into a south wind as I headed down the 75.  Traffic was pretty heavy and a large bank of thunder clouds could be seen, covering most of the western horizon.  The wind, the traffic and the threat of rain was actually the perfect combination.  It forced me to focus, work hard and start to leave the work day behind.  By the time I made St. Aldolphe, I was only making about 26 k/hr but had cleared work out of my mind and was feeling ok.  As I headed south on the 200, the wind had picked up and I had to push hard to keep moving.  Halfway to the Niverville turn off, the clouds were moving in and the wind had started gusting in different directions really pushing me around on the bike.  Just as I was getting tired, was starting to hurt and had resigned myself to a tough slow ride home, the wind had shifted to coming form the west by north west and strong!!  I turned on to the 311 and the rest of the ride home became pure joy; the rain held off and wind carried me all the way.  I rode thru Niverville at 42 k/hr!!  The 216 was a little slower with the wind cutting across, but not bad.  With the wind at my back I literally glided the rest of the way home on the 52.  Average speed 30.0 k/hr – 2 hrs 4 mins.  I even made it home in time to catch the last half of Sam’s ball game and went to bed tired but happy.  All in all, perfect commute.

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  1. So that was the loud “whoosh” I heard in my back yard on Wednesday! I thought maybe the Snowbirds had done a fly-by or a crop sprayer or something.
    Quite the ride, Glen. Way to go!

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