The Peloton to Richer, July 25, 2009

This is the group that rode to Richer today (less the photograper, RJ). Distance 66.84 KM, average speed 29.70 kph, ET 2:15:03 (from my front door and home), food:  oatmeal, toast, choc milk, eggs, bacon, ham, unfortunately no bannock available today!, stories:  Roy’s trip to Bolivia Mennonite Colonies, MP Vic Toews, Lance, Contador, Shorties new wheels, Saskatchewan economy, empty nesting, Pries’ ride in PEI, RJ’s new bike, where is Jac today, and, best of all, Helmut’s recovery!  Congrats Helmut, hope to see you out soon!

3 thoughts on “The Peloton to Richer, July 25, 2009

  1. What? Marcel & Roy out on a Saturday ride and I miss it! I had family obligations in Winkler at a family gathering. Spent the night at Justin Schinkel’s (has been MIT’er) new digs in the Heartland Hotel.
    Rode an out and back to Morden and south on 432 for a 55 km ride Saturday morning. Then Sunday left at 6 am and rode the 134 km home in 4 hours 36 minutes. Started and finished in sun, but got hammered by rain from Morris to St Pierre. But just a great day to be out riding a bike.

  2. Ah, what a lovely group – sorry I missed you guys; would have been fun! Catch up next week hopefully.

  3. Jac, what a ride! You are shaming two-sacks, two-shorts, and shorty…we will not be able to brag about our rides to Morden anymore!
    I forgot to mention that Marcel flatted and probably set the MIT record for changing his flat. He was riding again before the guys turned around to see what was holding him up! Here’s the theory we suggested…the less “help” you get with a flat on an MIT ride, the faster the repair is 🙂 !

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