“The One Thing” – How has cycling changed your life?

Hey roadies,

For the endless posting by yours truly, I should be cut-off by the website admin by now.  Anywho, Jac’s recent poem post had a link to the Bike Forum’s website which I had never been too.  One thing led to another and I’ve now registered and started a thread on Bike Forum entitled “The One Thing” – How has cycling changed your life? .  There are some really great stories being posted to the thread.  Real courageous stories about recovery from dire health & other circumstances.  If you’re cycling passion is waning in these dreary winter months, I would encourage you to read at least a few of these inspiring posts.

2 thoughts on ““The One Thing” – How has cycling changed your life?

  1. Right on Ron! You bet great reading. This is a great blog that will provide much entertainment, encouragement and just good reading.

  2. Ron, don’t ever feel bad about posting—you keep the website alive and interesting. Your thread on Bike Forum was quite compelling. There’s a book written in the 70’s by psychologist William Glasser, called “Positive Addiction” which deals with the good stuff that happens when we get hooked on things. that are good for us

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