The Muddy Waters ride, still the ride to test oneself

Looking back to last weekends Muddy Waters Ride, it was a good one.  So I got dropped at the 70 km mark by the peleton, so what if I ran out of water before the second rest stop, so what if it felt like I was pedaling against a wind all day…you know what, I reached my target to complete the 100 miles in under 5 hours, and did…average for ride was 33.75 km/hr…my new to me bike did a great job, and it was comfortable, got to ride with riders outside our normal MIT group.  Hup great day.

Our “Body Driven Sports” team did well, times for the 100 miles ranged from 4:28 to 5:19.  That ride is one of those that lets you know where you stand against many other riders in Manitoba. 

For me the Muddy Waters 100 mile is about extending yourself, riding in a large peleton with 80 plus riders, feeling the pull of the large group, participating in the surging as it swings through corners, watching all the different signals from other riders of upcoming obsticales like dropped water bottles or the shout of “car up” or “turning right”, the excilleration of seeing riders in front of you, beside you and a long way behind you.  Then the inner drive takes over as I got dropped from the main pack and just keep riding trying to beat a pervious best time.  But one learns thru testing oneself, how and when to eat or drink, how it feels for legs to scream going up hills after 140 km’s of flat riding, the pure exhaustion that comes at the end.  oh, when can I do this again!  Like a marathon for the runners a century is what our measuring stick.

Today’s Richer ride, didn’t feel that great, then we stopped for breakfast…good to ride with Pete again…but that home stretch with Werner pulling at close to 50 km/hr then Jimmy taking the lead and holding that speed, just outstanding, again!

Hup…I wonder what a bad bike ride feels like…hummm…turns out even the bad ones are good!

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2 thoughts on “The Muddy Waters ride, still the ride to test oneself

  1. I agree Jac, the ride was thrilling this year. I too set a personal best and that felt really great. My stats are a little confusing because I logged 166.54 KM’s, with a time of 4 hours 57 minutes. I don’t know where that extra distance came from. I tripped the O.D. just before we left and my computer is always very accurate. At 160 KM’s, my time was 4 hours 41 minutes with a an average of 34.07 kmph. I dropped from the peloton at about 85 km, somewhere on Henderson Hwy North. I was just thinking that, having made it that far, I might actually hang with the peloton for the entire ride. Then they surged to 42 kmph and I couldn’t hold it. I heard later that they came in at 4 hours 18 minutes and they had sprints at 50 kmph even towards the end! I guess I may never hang with that group for the whole ride. But then, we need to remember, most of us are twice the average age of the peloton.
    After dropping I found myself in no-mans-land between the lead peloton and the lagging group. I rode alone for about 40 km, briefly drafting with Jim. Eventually a couple of FOG riders caught up with me and I drafted with them until the second feed station (which I really needed by that time). It was interesting ridering with those two FOG guys, they had a “rule” of always passing on the windward side when drafting. Since the wind kept changing, I kept getting it wrong – I think they thought I was a real rookie! But, since I generally pulled at 3 kmph faster than either of them, I think I showed my mettle and defended the MIT/Body Driven honour! I lost those two guys on Garven road. While I could pull stronger on the flats, I just didn’t have it me to climb like them. So, I came into Highland Park solo. A great day, a great ride.
    Might have been more fun if we’d all hung together. An idea for next year might be that, as we drop from the peloton, we each wait until a member from our group catches up with this. Eventually, we’d all be together again and be able to finish as a group. That way we could try and set personal goals for hanging with the peloton and also enjoy setting a group ride goal and being together.

  2. The Muddy Waters 100 is always a challenge, fresh experience, and a way to challenge our physical limits. I felt that the MIT rides leading up to the event definately prepared us better for the distance and speeds in the peleton. It’s an odd feeling to be dropped as we all experienced that this year and yet, that ability to hang on “on the edge” is exhilerating as well. I felt great accomplishment in completing the ride well under the 5 hour mark. Had it not been for a last washroom break at Bird’s Hill, I could have finished along side with Jim and Paul. My day took me along with the peleton till just before we reached the highway heading east to the #12. That sure was a long stretch all the way to 12 and then back again to Cook’s Creek. After dropping back, I joined a group of 4/5 cyclists including a guy on a mountain bike doing an outstanding job pacing with the rest of our group. We cruised to the #12 averaging about 38-40 and made the turn south and actually saw part or all of the peleton in the distance which seemed to be getting closer. I pulled for a while heading south and then after turning north on the way to Cook’s Creek, I couldn’t keep the pace. (peleton and the group of 4 lost) Linked up with Jim’s son just before Cook’s Creek and we stopped at the Bird’s Hill rest stop. When he saw Jim/Paul cruising by, he left just as I entered the “blue box”. That left a solo ride back to Highland Park. It seems that our computers we’re saying different things at the end, although my GPS and bike computer matched with 163.5km and an average pace of 34.8 … still can’t believe I did that. Saw Ron come in and then had to leave as we we’re heading out to Clear Lake for the week. Sorry I missed the rest … Big Jac, Shorty, and Valerie … hope all went well and safe.

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