The Fields Are Now Skate Skiable

For those cyclists who use Cross Country Skiing as a means of keeping fit during the snowy months (Neil, Paul, Pat, Ron , Dale, Merle, Rod, Royden and others), I would like to announce that all fields are now skate skiable.  After 2 days of rain and melting temperatures, followed by a deep freeze, there is a hard crust of snow on the fields and with the 1 or 2 cms. of fresh snow, it’s ideal for skate skiing.  I went out today on the field in front of my house and after about 15 minutes of “dialing in” my balance and weight shift, I had the best ski ever.  I could literally ski anywhere on the field and the glide was magnificent. With no huge snowfalls, there may be 6 more weeks of this kind of skiing. I know that several of you only have classic skiis, but you may want to rent some skate skis and boots, down load a skate skiing video and give it a try—you’ll become addicted.

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