the 24 hours of ride to work day (june 20th)

12:35 AM go to bed after figuring out how to pack things for the day into my 10″ x 6″ x 6″ rack bag

5:15 AM rise for breakfast and getting ready

6:00 AM depart Steinbach

8:20 AM arrive Southwood Country Club (near U of M) after pleasant 68 km ride through Kleefeld, New Bothwell, Niverville, St Adolphe and St Norbert, for day long staff team meetings.  CEO nearly breaks her ankle as I quietly roll up behind her on the sidewalk and give a cheery “good morning Boss!” in all my spandex clad splendor!  The Club has an outstanding shower facility with towels, shampoo, even “blue velvet” after shave!  I’m the butt of many a joke through the day for cycling in.

3:10 PM conclude staff meetings and cycle a couple of km’s over to MCC Offices for another meeting regarding Ten Thousand Villages corporate reorganization

7:15 PM conclude MCC meeting, change clothes and repack gear

7:30 PM depart MCC Offices (Pembina Hwy and Bishop Grandin area).  Roughest part of this ride is the km’s along Pembina to and from the perimeter (I’m actually concerned that I might break a spoke).  A terrible road to cycle, paticularly for a road bike.  I can appreciate why most commuter bikes that I see in Wpg are tough hybrids or MTB.

9:40 PM arrive home (Steinbach) just as Noreen arrives to pick me up for the summer solstice party going on at Mark Loewen’s farm in Blumenort (Mark is Royden’s brother).  Luke’s (my son) band is playing, our girls are there dancing up a storm, no dancing for ronny-two-shorts-two-left-feet.  I just enjoy the music and the company.

12:35 AM arrive home, exhausted, content, happy and I drop like a stone into bed…no thoughts of a Saturday morning MIT ride. 

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  1. That does sound like the perfect day! 🙂 But you can’t be that bad a dancer can you? 😉

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