that’s all folks

Twelve years comes to an end. Sadly, today is my last day in the office with the former South Eastman Health Inc. Healthcare administration has been a challenging and fulfilling experience. On the good news front, I start a new job as Exec Director for a Winnipeg NGO on Sept 4th and I get the rest of the summer off (so, the really important decision is, if I move to Wpg, who do I ride with?!). If it had to happen, things have turned out about as good as they could have. I’m a lucky man. There are 19,000 federal employees hitting the unemployed ranks, but I won’t be joining them. Now, for the next 7 weeks, LET’S RIDE!

4 thoughts on “that’s all folks

  1. I’m sorry to see you leave our workplace but it seems you’ve landed on your feet again. The summer off aspect is good for you, but it will make me a bit envious. Good luck in your new endeavor. Now you will be able to triple your milage. Enjoy..
    😉 Robl

  2. Hey, Ron. So sorry for your upheaval, but glad you’ve landed a new job. Hope it will be as good or better!
    On the summer riding dilemma – there are a few options I might suggest . . .
    I know of a couple of old guys that ride BHP quite a lot and they’d welcome a partner.

  3. Well, their loss!!! Glad you’ve found something else, however. And I’d haul my bike in to work at the U of M and ride with you once in a while if you move! I bet Glen might too.

  4. Hey Ron sorry to hear bout your departure from our region. Now is it the Manitoba Society of Pharmacists that u landed the Exec Director Job. You would definitely have an impact and strong connection to government for our Manitoba Pharmacists. Just checking. Hey if so I might be lured to be a board member again just to work with you. Anyways all the best through the transition and keep that sun screen on with all your miles this summer.

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