Thanks Jim & Rita

Thanks Jim & Rita for hosting the “Spring 2009 coming out of winter” event.  As expected the food, fellowship and laughs measured up to the expectations of us roadies getting together. 

That pot luck supper was great, I know I tried each item at least once, but those brownies and banana cake received special attention.

Pete brought out the medals for our ride in the Latke 200, as promised they where real medals.  Check that off the bucket list of  TO-DO’s in my life.  Now maybe I need to ride the 300 or 400 km next…hmmm…chamois butter, water…supplements

Well it looks like first ride of 2009 will happen today, March 15 @ 2 pm leaving from Frantz Motor Inn.  Patrick has promised a “steady, spring” pace to blow out the lungs and reduce the burn in the legs.

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Just a middle-aged man whose blood pressure and cholesterol were out of wack and needed a tuneup, bad. Then I rekindled my love for riding a bike -- just the simple act of turning the cranks. What happened next is I met a lot of neat people who are as nuts as I am. Ride on.

5 thoughts on “Thanks Jim & Rita

  1. Great get together yesterday. Thanks, Jim & Rita. Good to see all the familiar faces, but it’s a little weird without all the spandex, helmets, etc.

  2. You’re totally welcome.
    Jac, you left yours and Curtis’s medals at our place. No problem, I’ll bring them next time I see you. Sorry, I won’t make the inaugural ride this afternoon. The conditions were too fabulous for skate skiing this morning—-couldn’t resist. Hope it’s not too windy this afternoon when you’re on the road.

  3. Thanks Jim and Rita for your hospitality and warm surroundings. Shorty was right, little strange without all the polyester although the smell was much more pleasantly fragrant. Winds were not too bad this aft although starting 15 minutes late had me battling the winds solo on my way to Marchand to catch the group. The reward was a cruise on the way back inside the protection of the peleton. Great 1st ride with a great turnout. 2009 has officially started. Whoooo Hooooo!

  4. Thanks Jim and Rita for your generous hospitality. You have a lovely home. It was great to get together and meet some of the ‘other halves’ of the club and enjoy each others company. The interesting thing about our kick-off ride this afternoon was seeing three rides that were fixie/single speed…who will be next?

  5. I’m a little late with the “Thanks!” but they are no less sincere. Jim and Rita, you have a lovely home and the hospitality was wonderful. Everyone’s food was fantastic! I have to make a special mention of the stuffed mushrooms and the carrot cake. Awesome! It was really great to see everyone again. I missed last Sunday’s inaugural ride as well but did manage to get out myself a little later that day. I just started off easy with a couple rounds of the Mitchell to Steinbach loop…nothing like cycling in the wind again to remind me of reality!!!! But those first few seconds on the bike, outside, actually moving are SO amazing every single year! Bring on cycling season!

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