Sweet new man (bike) cave


The km stats look pretty dismal so far this season but the new garage is looking good. That harness comes from my Great Grandfather’s estate sale a number of years ago. In the future I’d like to add a wood stove, go to a one car family and then use the space to tinker on my bikes and rebuild dump bikes (maybe volunteer in the W.R.E.N.C.H program – they gave away hundreds of rebuilt dump bikes last year). Join me for a ride sometime and we can chill in the cave with a cool one afterwards :).

How about that stage 9 TDF ride by Tony Martin today? Such power – incredible!

2 thoughts on “Sweet new man (bike) cave

  1. Nice dig Ron. I see that you have done a nice job of organizing your oils and spray bottles on the cupboard. I don’t want to be critical Ron, but I did notice that you were missing a very important item. Where is the big screen on which to watch Tony Martin pour on the pain while you work on the bike? That, the wood stove and a couple of easy boy loungers to host friends would round out your shop quite nicely.

    Speaking of riding, when are you going to come out and join MIT for a breakfast ride? We could shift one of our start times to 9:00 so that you could join us some Saturday. MH

  2. Going to try and come for Woodridge this Sat. Hope the horseflies are not as bad as they were at the Mantario Trail-head this week (never seen such swarms in my life). No need to change the start time…can’t sleep past about 6:30 AM anyways.

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