sweet candy

Last night I rode Steinbach-Landmark-Ste Anne-Giroux-Steinbach. This morning I saw Jac’s post below. He’s right, that freshly laid PTH210 is one sweet stick of licorice. The loop was 68KM from my place. Not as good as a Woodridge ride, but we gotta eat!

4 thoughts on “sweet candy

  1. Perhaps we could lengthen it by going Steinbach – Landmark – Ste. Anne -Richer – Steinbach. This would get us closer to our 100 km. distance with the Woodridge ride.

  2. It would be nice if they would pave the highway shoulders in Manitoba, like they do in most other jurisdictions.

  3. I was thinking of riding that piece of highway twice, on the way out and back, what ever way I am looking forward to the ride.

  4. I rode that stretch on Friday night. It is awesome. The traffic is really light too. only about 5 cars passed me.



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