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Hi Guys,

Just received the following e-mail from Eric Rempel (South Eastman Transition Initiative):

In Steinbach we now have a Cyclist Liberation Front (CFL). I am sure more information about this group will emerge over the next few weeks and months, but this is an announcement that their next cycle will be on Sunday August 14. Cyclists meet at the park beside the Jake Epp Library between 5 and 5:30 for a short potluck meal. Bring some light fingerfood or just show up for the bike ride which is scheduled for 6:15. Bring cycle safety gear. For more information contact Hilary Klassen ( or Joey Peters (

I’m not really sure what this is about. Googling the concept turns up the following link to Bicycle Liberation Front which seems rather far removed from road biking (and also this link). The concept seems to be based on creating alternate forms of transport by modifying bicycles and is driven by a mixture of fixie-single speed-courier culture/marxist philosophy…if that makes any sense (maybe I’ve got it all wrong)! I wonder if my neighbour, who rides one of those tricked out/pimped California low-rider bikes will be there? Anywho…maybe we should go to the potluck just to see what happens!

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  1. Hello Mennos in tights!
    There seems to be a bit of a miscommunication due to the name of our group! We aren’t marxists and we don’t ride tricked out bikes, we are just a group of people who would like to raise awareness for cyclists and motorists as we share the same road space. This ride is just to get more people comfortable with being on the road. Feel free to email me (Hilary) if you have anymore questions! Share the Lane Share the Love!

  2. Ha! Thanks Hilary…it seemed a bit “out there” for Steinbach! Anything that promotes cycling safety and positive relationships between cyclists and motorists is a great idea. I applaud your efforts.

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