starbuck ride

So I passed on the group ride this a.m. (man it was nice to ‘sleep in’ for a change on a Saturday) and rode to Starbuck for a family event at the Bridges Golfcourse clubhouse.  Route was #52E, #206N, #??W thru Linden, #59N, #1W, #2W (95 KM’s).

Best part of the ride:  #59N (buttery smooth new asphalt with nice shoulder)

Worst part of the ride: #2W (old single lane concrete with huge cracks, almost like riding a train track)

Pleasant Surpise of the ride:  Bridge repair of #1W over Pembina has a sidewalk/bikelane over the bridge – smooth & safe crossing

Stats of ride:  23 bungy cords passed, 59 songs played on my iPod, 1.5 bottles of gatorade consumed, 2 of my kids futures planned, my future still unplanned, peace and prosperity in Afghanistan unlikely,  no way out of the family gathering in August, remembered why I started wearing two pair of cycling shorts last summer, new Body Driven jersey rocks (no sore nipples–oops too much information), cost of my 3 year old bike now down to 5.7 cents/km (does it start to pay me money at some point…what if I keep it as long as Curt R’s Cannondale…?), my Uncles shocked look as I pulled up to the clubhouse –priceless.

2 thoughts on “starbuck ride

  1. I assume the two pair of shorts is because you can’t decide which pair you like better – so wear them both!
    What tunes were you listening to? Any Traveling Wilburys?
    Next ride could you plan my kid’s future, too? Hey, mine too, while you’re at it, now that I’m retiring!

  2. Just the sweet sound of tires hitting asphalt, mixed with the noise of one’s mind brings new perspectives, even if only for too a short time.
    Great to ride alone sometimes isn’t it?
    Must say, never have tried two pair shorts…

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