Spring recruitment drive?

I do love you guys, but I think we need some fresh “story tellers” for the 2011 season.  What do you think of cranking up our promotions a little over the next couple of months to see if we can get some new roadies out this year?  I’m thinking maybe a poster that we could put up around town.  I would propose that the poster also state that we would have both a “fitness” ride (slower, no drop) and an “enthusiast” ride (faster, keep up or get dropped and wait for the fitness group to catch up).  Both groups would take the same route and meet up at the breakfast location.  Does this sound reasonable?  Other ideas?  Anyone to suggest that’s good at desktop publishing to make the poster?  Do we still have our logo on a computer somewhere?  Could we get free printing somewhere?

I was also thinking about maybe asking Echo Fitness if they would let me start a spin class.  Would anyone be interested in that?  We could show SufferFest videos.  Maybe Echo would let non-members pay by the session…  Could be another way to recruit people to join the Saturday rides in spring.

2 thoughts on “Spring recruitment drive?

  1. Good idea, Ron. Chris Koop did the posters for the Sandilands Ski Race—very nice job (aside from the fact that the poster showed a skate ski race and Sandilands was a classic ski race, but I digress….). There’s also probably a lot of expertise within the MIT club to do this kind of thing.

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