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This is getting to be one lame website you guys!  It’s so deadly quiet here you wouldn’t even know it’s cycling season.  Where’s all the chatter?   Well, here’s something to try and stir up the pot a little.  The first eight people to post a comment to this post will receive one of these stickers for the frame of your bike (sized just right for the side of a frame tube).  I’ll deliver on the next ride!


13 thoughts on “Spread the love

  1. Had to be the first. Actually due to the “weather”, got back on the stationary trainer (can you believe it!!?) the other night nite. Squeaked a daytime run today as I refuse to run again in the snow till next winter. Anyhooo, I’ll take one of those stickers, although I can’t guarantee it’ll find its way on the frame … maybe it could work as an anklet. Musings of a sleepy late night pharmacist in the wee early hours of the impending Storm Day (Thursday).

  2. I was looking forward to one last ice ride for the season but I need a little more cooperation from mother nature. Perhaps tonight… This sticker will look great on my new fixie when it arrives! Thanks Ron.

  3. Me too! Me too! Or is that me three since it looks like I’m third on the reply list. It’ll match my new ride’s color! (how girlie of me to think of whether it’ll match or not…)
    I think I saw you heading east last night (Wed), Ron? Me and my mom were heading out, west…my lil toes were freezing on the way back. I think the “chatter” on the website is my teeth chattering rather than us talking a whole lot! 🙂 I’m sure people will get more talkative as the weather gets better. Like you, Hans, I’ll be back on the trainer tonight and maybe for the next couple days to come.

  4. Had a great ride yesterday in the Sandilands. Helmut and I rode the singletrack from the Black parking lot out to the Race Track and did a short loop of that and back again. It was beautiful, dry and bug-free! I’ve been working too much these last few weeks, though. I thought I retired. Thanks for stirring it up a little, RJ.

  5. It was good to see you out on a cold ride Ron. Like Val my feet froze as well. The temp dropped 4 degrees on me and I underdressed for the ride.
    Saturday could be a c-c-c-cold one, but should be dry.
    I agree Ron this site needs more chatter, bet we all go look almost daily just to check if anything new!

  6. Hey, I’ve seen those stickers before and wanted one. Do I get one even if I can’t make it this Saturday? Once you guys start a little earlier in the mornings I’ll be able to come too. Have a good ride! “cars are cofins” is another sticker I’ve seen that would be cool.

  7. Guess i’ll have to be the 7th. Crap, it’s Saturday morning on April 26th yet when I look out the window you would think it was January 26th. I eagerly await the “Global Warming” I keep hearing about!
    I refuse to put my bike back on the rollers or the trainer therefore all i can do is eat eat eat and Fater and Fater! I must say it’s a good thing that there is Spandex in Spandex!
    I’ll take one of them there stickers Ron.

  8. I hear ya Paul, I’m totally done with the roller. One more sticker to go! Who will it be? And who the heck is “HR”? Helmut, is that you?

    I put my sticker on the chainstay of my Giant, looks real funky. I have in fact replaced a car with my bike. I gave up my classic car hobby (’66 Mustang) for my cycling passion and no regrets!

  9. Isn’t HR Hobblin’ Rob? I hate it when you skinny guys start whining about your weight! Wait ’til you’re old AND fat like me (and short so it shows instantly – sort of like a balloon when you squeeze it in one place it pops out in another!).

  10. Hey, if I’m the fourth and the eighth one to respond does that mean I get 2 stickers?

  11. Shorty, you just have to get longer and tighter spandex so that you get squeezed all the way from bottom to top. You’ll get stretched out. The other upside is you’ll need to buy a new bike :).

  12. Then I’ll have to change my nickname to tube steak! I guess I already am a bit of a hot dog!!

  13. Sorry, no double dipping Neil (that’s a special priviledge of us un-civil servants…)! Werner scores the last sticker – and I can’t wait to slap it on his full carbon Trek!

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