so, where were ya this morning, eh?

We waited, we looked, we called, we waited some more but noooo, you were too cold, you were too cozy in your jammies with your toast and coffee.  Well, sucks to be you!  We had a great ride to Kleefeld via Grunthal, rewarded with the waffles and whitesauce (Jac, Jim, Andy, Curt, Ron).

6 thoughts on “so, where were ya this morning, eh?

  1. I surprised Jim at the highway near Mitchell arriving in my truck with a shirt and tie on. Jim said “that’s not a jersey”. He was right, although my thoughts did drift occasionally throughout the am to the MITers out on a brisk Sat morn ride. Sad to miss it but was able to “keep my job”. Looking forward to next weekend.

  2. I got up, I looked outside, I went back to bed!!!
    When the day arrives that I can get up and get on my bike at 8 am without being completly covered from head to toe, is the day that I will ride at 8 am!!
    Until then however, my bed sure feels good on a cool Saturday morning!!

  3. Had to grocery shop, etc. – sorry! I went for a ride later in the day and got a sinus headache from the North wind sailing up my nostrils…sure hope the long weekend brings better conditions and will join you then.
    I echo RJ’s comments on Pete! You make me feel like such a pansy!!!

  4. On Saturday I got up early, looked outside and thought: I am not sane enough to go back to bed and I am not quite crazy enough to go for a ride. I ran 15 k instead – one stays warmer running. Cheers to all of you willing to ride in this weather, especially Pete!! Heres to hoping for better weather next weekend.

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