Slogan Survey – Results

Final Round Voting Results – % of vote received for “I like it a lot” or “I like it somewhat”

“Friends, Fitness, Food”  100% 

“Ride, eat, repeat” 71.50%

“Wheel fun, real people” 64.30%

There it is, “Friends, Fitness, Food” will be our slogan – the people have spoken!  Thanks for your participation.

5 thoughts on “Slogan Survey – Results

  1. Thanks, Ron for all your work on the slogan—well done. Thanks also for the excellent Morden ride—enjoyed it immensely. Andy and I were also able to have a great view of the “Tinker Creek, Back 40” Mountain bike race because he lives 200 metres from the steepest portion of the Trans-Canada Trail, part of the race course. In this section, cyclists dive down a quarter mile, steep, twisty single track, cross a creek on a narrow plank, and do a brutal quarter mile climb up the other side of the valley. Only about a third of the riders were able to stay on their bikes on this climb. The longest race was 80 kms., so 5 times around a 16 km loop, each time having to do this ferocious climb, among other very challenging parts of the course.

    I hope Shorty was able to get all the hammer gel off his chin after experiencing that drinking problem on the ride, and remember, Ron, a north wind means the wind is FROM the north,

  2. Ha, yes, I shall henceforth forever clearly understand the concept of wind direction (you’re not playing with me, are you? – maybe I should visit wikipedia about this…)! And, whenever I need a laugh, I’ll just conjure up that image of Neil and his mountain of hammer gel followed by a river of hammer gel…

    It was great ride, not likely to be repeated with the wind at our backs for 150 km’s, thanks guys (although, not so for Andy…but someone had to suffer)!

  3. That’s a rather sticky subject you two are bringing up! I thought what’s said and done on the ride stays on the ride. I feel so betrayed!
    A great ride to be sure and the laughs were as good as they get. The picture of you three practically rolling on the ground in fits of laughter instead of telling me the gel was piling up on my chin instead of going into my mouth while I was wasting away from fatigue, barely able to hold the bottle up. Thanks for the slogan, RJ.

  4. Jim, I didn’t see you at the Back 40 race. Did you see me? I probably missed you because I was too focused on surviving the downhill and keeping my legs from cramping on the uphill. That was quite a tough section! I did manage to stay on my bike and climb the whole way on the first lap. That climb made me ask a bystander “why do we do this?” and he said “for fun”… it didn’t make sense at the time.

  5. I think I saw you when you were on the gravel road, just after the big climb. I was in a white pickup, driving toward Andy’s place. You looked pretty tired—-not much wonder after that big climb.

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