Relatively minor shifts and movements at the front of a peloton can have disastrous effects further down as the movement ripples through the pack, exaggerating like the ripple of a pebble tossed into a pond. Such was the case today when Alvin went down hard on HWY311 between Giroux and Steinbach. We were all greatly relieved that the damaged seemed to be limited to severe road rash and the shredding of Alvin’s kit, that he’d just bought the day before. Apparently it was worth whatever he spent because under that shredded jersey was not even a scratch (different story on the hip bone however). A BIG shout out to the motorists who stopped. Alvin was not even off the highway yet when people had already pulled over and hauled out first aide kits. Within minutes he was back on the bike and bandaged up. The one woman, in particular, seemed so calm and confident about it all that I wondered if she was a physician or a nurse. Anyways, thanks for your thoughtful and considerate response! Hope you are not feeling too sore this evening Alvin 🙂 .

6 thoughts on “shredded

  1. Ooooo, nasty! Glad to hear Alvin is okay (sorry about the fine looking Cannondale shirt however…).
    Count yourself among the many fine riders who have kissed the pavement, Alvin. If you ride, you eventually fall.
    Maybe see you guys tomorrow…if I can get out of bed on time…

  2. Alvin, we’re worried about you. Could you give us a bit of an update on how you’re feeling? Sometimes it takes a day or two to realize how badly one is injured.

  3. Sorry about your crash, Alvin. I understand the feeling all too well! Hope this won’t be too much of a hindrance on the 8th! Good luck with your ride to Whistler. Don’t give Mark too much of a whipping!

  4. Alvin is doing well, there are no broken bones. He has a mild concussion and some severe road rash. This has not slowed him down and he is looking forward to the Gran Fondo this next weekend. Thanks for everyone’s concerns.
    PS. We’ll be thinking about you while we climb the Sea to Sky Hwy, enjoy your ride to Ste Ann’s. Wish you could all be there.

  5. Hey Mark. Good luck with your ride on the 8th. Wish I was coming along, but I’ll be on holidays somewhere else in BC. Don’t forget our date the second week of October 🙂

  6. Thanks for all your concerns. Yes the fall was nasty, But I am healing up just fine. Just really thankful that I wasn’t droven into the on coming travel.

    Who’s all going too Headwaters? And what Hotels are you folks staying at. I have not booked a room yet, so I would like to know where your staying.

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