Should MIT Consider Name Change?

What is keeping the Mennonites in Tights from growth? Is it our lack of cool kit? Is it the lack of any kit at all? I’ve noticed that Abe’s has a growing club and they have been able to do it with retro look Saskatchewan colours. Is it that we lack a club house? Perhaps we need a place to meet where members can get away from the weekly hububb and chill. From what I hear Abe’s does more drinking then riding. We would have to have a referendum on this one. My guess is that it would result in us becoming something like an Abe’s Franchise if we copied their model for growth. That would be humiliating for a proud and old institution such as ours. The trouble is that all of these methods of bringing in the newcomers also cost money. Personally, I would rather add another bike to the stable then spend it on such frivolities. With our small membership we are in a position of having to think small. So perhaps it is time to consider a name change. Here is my suggestion. Perhaps it is time we called ourselves the Franconites in Tights. I am not stuck on this though. I would also consider the Mennophones if that is more agreeable to the ridership. My logic is simple but brilliant. With our successful lure of three esteemed and accomplished Francophone riders from St. Anne on the ride today it is time to bury the Mennonite-Catholic hatchet and give ourselves a name that is more welcoming to all. If we can do this before next week we might get them to return for another ride. I know that many of you will see this as too ecumenical, but this may be the only way to save the club. I am willing to go even further and change the name to MennoFrancUKraphonites In Tights should any of the Ukrainian riders from Sarto, Vita or Landmark (Mark) show up to ride. That would look completely “Boss” (do we still use that word in Steinbach?) emblazoned in white lettering down the leg of my tights!

2 thoughts on “Should MIT Consider Name Change?

  1. I totally agree with clash of clans…

    club growth? Hmmmm….what can be done?
    -make Spring warmer.
    -change the club’s emphasize away from bikes and tight clothing to more of a region friendly activity incorporating quad’s and camo.
    -attract young folk with video gaming 9 out of every 10 weeks
    -bring the average speed of the rides down to where it’s more accessible to the average schmoe
    -bring the average speed of the rides up to where the fit freaks will consider it worth their time because it qualifies as a workout substitute.
    -ban headwinds. and crosswinds.
    -make it more fun – do I hear Poker Derby?

  2. My friend told me that if I joined the MIT’s not to tell anyone about it, there’s a lot of mixed feelings about the name. Thus said, if and when I join the club I would feel honoured to be with a bunch of folks who are motivated enough to do something about serious riding. Personally I think the name is interesting enough…it got me talking about it and I actually defend it…lol. Hope to join soon. Frenchman from Montreal Que.

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