Shameless Promotion!

At the risk of shamelessly promoting a cause .  .  .  I will anyway. Check out the “Save the Forest” campaign on the Sandilands Ski Club website . We’re really discouraged by the devastation of the fire this past summer and now they’re clear-cutting so much of the area. Your support would mean a lot. This is what it used to look like .   .   . 


Sandilands Before the Fire and Clear-Cutting

Sandilands Before the Fire and Clear-Cutting

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3 thoughts on “Shameless Promotion!

  1. I’d be willing to send the letter, but didn’t the recent throne speech include legislation banning logging in Provincial Forests? Is the suggestion of a sustainable harvesting policy still relevant?

    Also, I’m all thumbs in terms of being useful for rebuilding warming huts, but if you could use general help for a day or two on the trails (would have to be Saturday or Sunday), let me know. I’ll see if I can fit it into my current highly intensive training regimine (three hours of channeling surfing nightly combined with intensive web surfing during commercials).

  2. Ron, you’re an animal! 3 hours a night!
    We don’t have a warm-up shack ready to put up yet, but we do hope to get to it this year. The Doer government has decided to ban logging in Provincial Parks (go figure!), but as far as I know, not in Provincial Forests. You wouldn’t believe the clear-cutting they’ve done already. Some of our trails are unrecognizable.

  3. Oh, it never occured to me that there was a distinction between “forest” status and “park” status, duh! I guess then the madness at Sandilands will sadly continue.

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