Saturday rides – an occasional alternative???

Hey all!  I wanted to revisit a suggestion that Ron made in his post about the brunch ride – that maybe that’s something we should consider doing more often.  Not going to Ron and Noreen’s and expecting brunch every time! (although it would be fabulous because the food and hospitality is amazing!!!)  But what about maybe having a split ride like that about once a month (maybe the first Saturday of the month?  or whenever but on a regular sort of schedule). There’d be the usual scheduled ride – likely longer and faster paced and then a ride that starts a bit later, not as long, perhaps not as fast..and both groups would meet up in Steinbach for breakfast at a set time.

I think this will encourage some to come out who don’t usually manage to make it out whether just because they don’t have the time, aren’t early risers, are a bit intimidated by the pace we sometimes set, whatever the reason.

And I need to emphasize it would be in ADDITION to the regular scheduled ride; there are times that I also love to push the pace and my endurance with the rest of you speed demons!  That’s how I get stronger.  🙂  And I know the appeal of grabbing breakfast in the various, awesome little towns around us.  That wouldn’t change for 3 out of the 4 Saturdays a month.


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One of the "honorary Mennonites" in tights, I have and continue to enjoy the commaraderie and conversation to be had riding with the group. One of the few Women-ites in Tights, she hopes there'll be more females to join the group one day! :) The "boys" are very welcoming!

7 thoughts on “Saturday rides – an occasional alternative???

  1. I think this is a great idea and would say that I meant comment on Ron’s post but missed the boat. Not only is this a great way for new riders to get an introduction to MIT but also a good way to bring back some riders who just don’t want to hammer every ride. Meeting back in Steinbach is the only reasonable way to have two separate groups. Also, for those of us with limited time, we have a choice to eat or ride, not usually both. However, if the ride is finishing back in Steinbach, then there is a better chance we can stay for at least some conversation and a cup of coffee. I’d even go so far as to say all MIT rides should be this way.

    I am afraid I am a little more cynical than Val. While I appreciate and have spent much time (probably more than most of you) in the great rural communities around Steinbach, I am under no delusions that MIT’s patronage actually does much. The track record of the restaurant closure would support this. Considering how many rural drivers drive around me when I am on my bike, it doesn’t seem to help promote the cause of cyclists on the highways either.

    Continuing on my cynical train of thought, I am also not so sure if the rides make me a better rider: If I were to “compete” with the main group in the current MIT rides then I end up “racing”. This means I need to recover from a disorganized, impromptu “race” instead using the ride to prepare for an organized one. To quote Bill Strickland, perhaps I am not riding it “right”, but then again maybe I am since I ride with MIT mostly for the company and the chatter.


  2. I think Val’s and Ron’s ideas are valid. Their suggestions would probably increase the turnout at our rides. I am not a morning person either. I ride a lot of miles, but as much as I like to ride with “The Boys” I am not able to keep up with them. In the second group I would get a great workout and hopefully be able to speak a few words while gasping for air. I like the idea! 🙂

  3. So, if I post a couple of rides that start at 8:30 and finish in Steinbach for breakfast, I am thinking that they would be about 45k to 50k rides because we’d have to get to Jay’s by 10:30 am (they probably turn off the breakfast grill at 11:00 am)? Destinations like Kleefeld, New Bothwell, La Broquerie, Ste Anne would probably been practical. For something different, I could take the group on my Steinbach training loop (a 17k ride through the City that I do about 3x on weekday evenings) sometime. Or, we could meet a different places (if the group is willing to rack bikes and drive once in a while). Perhaps at Raevin’s in La Broquerie and then ride to Marchand ranger station and back and have breakfast at Raevin’s….ideas?

  4. I think the 8:30 start would be fine with me and possibly others who would have to drive a distance to Steinbach. My bike(s) would already be racked so meeting at Raevens (or some such place) would be workable too! As would leaving from Steinbach and congregating at Jay’s for Eats. In the case of any unforeseen delays or problems in either group the use of a well timed cell phone call or text could help co-ordinate the breakfast gathering. But only if the need should arise. Maybe someone else might offer some other ideas?…RobL

  5. The 8:30 start sounds great and so does the distance of 45 to 50 KM. We can tailor the rides according to conditions for that day.
    I’m also not opposed to driving a little bit to vary up the breakfast spots. I can actually take 3 bikes with my truck (one in the box and two on a rack if I know to bring it).

  6. I went for my first Ride with the group today to Richer for breakfast
    & can surely say ; I absolutely loved it !!!!
    Incredible people to ride with ; nothing boring about it !
    I’ll do it again for sure , never say you don’t like road biking
    Till you’ve done 1 ride with this amazing group ;-))))

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