Saturday Ride Report

In a completely shameless copy cat posting of the ABES ride report, following is an accounting of today’s ride.  Gathering at the tower were Jac, Curt, Hans, Rob, Jim, Werner, and Ron.  Rob immediately shredded the peloton with an astounding hammer into the wind down Hwy 12 S at 29 kph – with his FIXIE!  Animal.  Never the less, all arrived, without casualty, at Schellenberg’s for hearty fair and heartier chatter.  First order of conversation was to berate Brian for not prominently displaying his honorary MIT membership photo for all customers to envy and admire.  After a puzzled “Why would I want to do that?”, said photo was on display at the cash register on our way out (a suitable reminder that Schellenberg’s is after all a commercial enterprise, not our clubhouse?).  Curt, fresh from the Hockey Dad circuit and finally able to join a ride, reported on his continuing dream job of brewing all manner of fine lagers while fully funded by research grants.  Which produced various retorts and protests about the lack of invitations to sample, test, and otherwise consume all purported production.  Never have I seen such enthusiastic and willing research volunteers…name the time and place Curtis!  The various versions of Bin Laden’s demise received a thorough review.  The joys and challenges of marrying off the children were covered.  The entirely anticipated and predictable “conservative crush” in Provencher was noted and we discussed the bizarre report that local NDP candidate Al Mackling, perhaps confusing St Pierre, Isle de Chene, St Malo, and Ste Anne for QUEBEC, actually thought he had chance!  Yes, Al, and Miriam Toews is preaching at the Steinbach MB Church on Sunday (although he did get my vote as a no-other-reasonable-choice vote and for saying that he’d donate his MP’s salary to MCC – Yes, I voted NDP, it’s ok, I can ride alone the rest of the season).

4 thoughts on “Saturday Ride Report

  1. None of you voted for the Pirate Party? RRRRRRRRRRRRR, matey! 🙂

    Hope to join you guys for a ride again soon; silly me has been pulled into the running circuit a bit more over the past year and so had to pick up my “Run for Mom” kit Saturday morning, will be away this coming weekend for a work conference and then the following weekend to run in Fargo. Cycling will hopefully again take center stage after that!

    Of course, by then, you’ll all drop me after 15 minutes of riding…might need to hook my bike up via bungy cord to one of you!


  2. Great to hear Val that you r branching out in the running circuit. What event and distance r u doin in Fargo? I know full well the need to shake up the activities every so many years to keep them fresh. Started running 10 years ago, got into cycling after the 4 hour runs got tiresome, got into duathlons to mix and match, and now taking a break from competing and increasing the cycle road mileage again while running only when I want really want to. Kinda makes me dizzy just thinking about the circle of my “active” life. Oh yea and when have u ever needed a tow!? On Ron’s posting note I have to admit I voted for a blue cabinet minister. Guess I’ll be getting the porkbelly perks now. Lol

  3. I did the Winnipeg Police Half Marathon (my first ever!) in the snow on May 1 and figured why not do another one in Fargo! Maybe no snow this time! 🙂 My friend Nelleke is doing her first full marathon there so I’m going for moral support.
    My feet are begging me to get back on the bike! Hope to oblige them soon…


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