Saturday Ride Report

It was a small communion of the MIT faithful that gathered on this thanksgiving ride. Jim and RJ enjoyed a brisk and sunny ride to Landmark for breakfast, via Giroux and Ste Anne. Despite a traumatic week in south eastman of wild grass fires, evacuations of hospitals and personal care homes, sudden snow and ice storms with hydro and cellular service knock-outs, it was a smooth and pleasant ride on this morning. RJ was riding “naked” due to his computer having jumped ship during a somewhat bone jarring ride from Steinbach to the CMU Menno-Cross event last weekend. This mattered not as Jim provided a solid and steady pace. Suitable trash talking of everyone who did not show up ensued (with exception of Jac who was granted dispensation and immunity due to visiting his daughter in Calgary…all others were considered fair game). We explored the mystery and science behind dogs uncanny ability to telepathically anticipate the arrival home of their owners and to survive “incredible journeys” back to their homes. We reflected on the irony that an organization like MCC has a strong and supportive relationship with the media, like CTV an CBC, and yet at times a nervous, cautious, and even tense relationship with some of it’s own constituency – the exact opposite of many NGO’s. RJ noted that he had lost the equivalent weight of his road bike (16 lbs) and wished someone would pay him the $212.50 per lb that his bike cost, as a reward. Winnipeg’s manic real estate market was discussed with RJ noting they had twice bid for homes and been outbid $53,000 and $25,000. There was a brief philosophical foray into predestination and personal callings with the concluding consensus that this didn’t square with logical reasoning and free will. Hwy 206 Grill served up a fine meal and cheerfully kept the coffee cups filled, even if they were rather suspicious of the emotional stability of two road bikers showing up when the fields were white with snow. RJ and Jim parted ways at the junction of PTH206 South and 52 West resolving to continue rides at least until Remembrance Day.

3 thoughts on “Saturday Ride Report

  1. I was hoping to apply for a papal dispensation after failing my fellow Mennos, Freres Ron et James. However, hearing that Pope Jac gave himself a dispensation for failing to show up, my guilt has been assuaged. You see I was bed ridden Wednesday and Thursday after having taken several young novices on a trailride in the Sandilands on Tuesday. Perhaps the effort of trying to keep the old Kona bucking along behind their sveldt young Giants and Ibises was to much for the old priest. (Keep your thoughts in check gents.) In the end I succumbed to my malady and suffered in bed for several days with my sniffles and tea. Come Saturday I had improved little, so thought it wiser to stay in the warmth and hope for a better day a week hence. Perhaps we may once again be united in our quest for the holy grail; to ride through a snowless and balmy Manitoba winter.

    Your brother of the Rolling Wheel,

    Frere Henri

  2. I won’t lie…I just enjoyed staying warm in bed. Glad you guys had a good ride! You’re troopers. 🙂

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